Clinton Elementary School, constructed in 1968, is one of three public elementary schools in Laurens School District 56. It began operation in August of that year and received students from Providence and Hampton Avenue Schools. By 1970, the school's enrollment was in excess of 1100 students and housed grades one through six. In 1972, the school's enrollment decreased to 850 students due to the transfer of sixth graders to Bell Street Middle School. During the 1982-83 school year, kindergarten classes were moved from Hampton Avenue School to Clinton Elementary. In addition, in 1986, the Four Year Child Development Program was initiated. Also, in 1986, Eastside Elementary was built and re-zoning of our attendance area occurred. Approximately 125 students were transferred that year, subsequently reducing the enrollment. In 2007, Mercer Silas Bailey Elementary School closed and Clinton Elementary School added an additional 130 students. 


Located in a residential/commercial area, the brick building is composed of a central area and four classroom wings. Additionally, two portable classrooms and a separate two-classroom kindergarten building connect to the school with an enclosed hallway. During the 2006-2007, a major renovation project was completed at Clinton Elementary.  CES received a new roof, additional classroom doorways, an enclosed hallway, and many modern safety and maintenance upgrades. 


Clinton Elementary serves 620 students and currently houses the ESOL program for our district.  We have approximately 80 staff members.


Last Modified on September 5, 2012